South East European Orienteering Championship



Website will be available soon

First of all, we want to let you know that we are very excited to be the host of the SEEOC 2019, and once again, we want to apologize for delaying with the first buletin. The delay is due to the fact that the entire organizing team is involved in organizing another event: the second edition of the Moldovan Masters Orienteering Cup, which has become a big event from a very early edition . There are more than 140 athletes in 12 countries, most of them are from Scandinavian countries already. The competition will last for four days, 5 routes, with a race in the wine cellars. After undergroun race will be organized an exceptional wine tasting. Follow this link for more information:
Besides the details above, the most important thing for your team is that the tracks and the forest relief will be similar to the SEEOC 2019 map: hilly relief with many paths and vegetation with traversability of 20-40%. Acquaintance with the relief of Moldavian Codri will become an important element in the victory of the next year competition.